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Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Welcome to Darren Charles Photography, servicing South East Queensland, Australia and the world.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I’m extremely passionate about the photographic work that I do.  If I didn’t have to support a family and pay bills I would offer my services for free, I enjoy doing what I do that much.  My reward is and has always been the overwhelming joy and appreciation I see on people’s faces when they receive my final crafted images.  I’m affordable, creative, easy going professional with passion and integrity.   I’d love to chat about your up and coming wedding or portrait needs..

Awe Inspiring

It’s such an awe-inspiring and enriching feeling, when I get asked to photography someone’s wedding day. Knowing I will be capturing truly magical and intimate moments that tell a unique story of one of the most astonishing days in a couple’s lives. I’ve been a professional artist for over twenty years of my life. Some as a photographer, some as a TV camera operator and some as an animator and environmental artist on world renown AAA computer games. Whatever I was creating at that time, I gave my all to deliver everything that the client had imagined. All you need to know is I’m exceptionally passionate about delivering to you a beautiful record of your incredible wedding day which will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Love Story

So you can feel relaxed and can be yourselves, I prefer to remain largely unnoticed throughout the day, documenting everything in a candid way capturing your unique and beautiful love story. I’m also more than happy to step in and craft some shots, should that be your wish which will be the case when we go out and have some fun creating some amazing bridal party pictures. I’ll capture all the large beats of the day, but also the small and seemingly insignificant details too which you may not really appreciate until later down the track.  I’m happy to travel where I’m required so if you like my work and would like to hire me, please reach out and let me know.

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Full Day Wedding Service

From the first hours of preparation to the last toast of the night, make sure every moment of your wedding is captured for enjoyment in years to come.

Professional and Courteous

Enjoy the peace of mind of working with a professional.  Choose experience, training and best practices for reliable service on your big day.

Pure Quality

I use the latest tools and techniques to create the best possible images for you. Receive your expertly processed images on a high quality flash drive.

Weddings and Portraits

Below are a bunch of weddings and portraits shoots I had the pleasure of photographing.  Click on the images below and see a small sample of photographs from each.

Post Production and SFX

I’ve spent many years as a digital artist beautifying images of one sort or another.   I use licensed versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Original Image
This image is straight out of camera from a studio shoot. No post production has been carried out thus far.

Basic Retouch
This image has the basic elements tweaked like exposure, colour temperature and tones.

Advanced Retouch
This image has all the basics plus everything else at my disposal like paint brush, curves and split tones.

Advanced B&W
This image is everything thus far with the added conversion to black and white and tone tweaks.

Nadia and Cory

Wedding, North Island, New Zealand.

We were extremely pleased with Darren’s photos for our special day. So many great and memorable shots it was hard to pick the best for our album! Everybody thinks of the family photos and the ceremony (which Darren captured perfectly) but he also takes the time to also capture the other memories – the smaller things – that are often overlooked but matter so much in building the overall picture of the event. Besides this he is friendly and a pleasure to have around. Would absolutely hire him again.

Kaitlyn and Phil

Wedding, New South Wales, Australia.

Darren is simply the best photographer we’ve ever hired. He does a great job of capturing moments and his editing is fantastic. We had him for three events and he was always professional, and wonderful at being right where he needed to be at the right time. We’re always getting compliments on how lovely our wedding and party photos are – there are no unflattering photos with Darren, just a wonderful collection of memories captured

Carla and Karl

Wedding, Queensland, Australia.

Thank you for the most beautiful wedding photos we could ever asked for, we felt natural and at ease when you were taking the photos, we loved every single one of them, especially the spontaneous shots, you captured a great day.

Trina and Gary

Wedding, Queensland, Australia.

We thank you so much Darren for being part of our wedding. You made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed as well as making it fun to have their photo’s taken. The actual photo’s were truly amazing and beautifully unique. We loved the artistic touches you added to some of the photos, giving it a very personal touch. Thank you for sharing this special day with us!

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